Queue Management


Queue Length

Know each of your queue lengths, and spot outliers in the average.

Time to Service

Average time before service.


When someone exits a queue before service. Typically a good indicator of customer frustration.

Monitor in Realtime

  • Queue Length
  • Queue Time
  • Time to Service
  • Abandonment


In highly competitive retail markets, a great customer experience must be a priority for the retailer. Many factors play into the customers overall experience, but few can negatively impact it like an unreasonable long queue.

There is little or no tolerance in today’s society for a poor retail experience.

New queue management strategies are giving certain retailers a competitive edge. Managed queues increase customer loyalty, improve customer acquisition and ensure continuous patronage. Unmanaged queues reduce loyalty, and waist resources.

Automated queue management is a must-have tool for all retailers to greatly reduce customer walk-away, increase revenue per square foot, stimulate impulse sales, and enhance the shopping experience.

Uneven Shopper Traffic

Typical retailers rely on historical data to gauge the number of open queues need, but history is not a perfect indicator for the future. So, some may open extra queues to ensure a great customers experience, this comes at the cost of labor. Others accept that queues might get a little long, and sacrifice customer experience for short term financial gains. In both cases, the wrong number of open queues hurts the bottom line.




No one enjoys waiting in a queue. Especially a long one. As frustrations build, the likely hood of the customer returning lowers. And at some point the customer is so fed up, they walk, and abandon the queue!  The sales are lost!

This is a tragic failure and can kill a brand. Not only are today’s sales lost, future sales are most defiantly decreased. Customers do not forget a poor experience, especially when it can be chalked up to negligence. Negligence might seem like a strong work, but it is completely preventable.

The upfront investment in advertising and marketing is wasted as the customer leaves frustrated.

Be prepared, be proactive, such critical aspects of the shopper experience need attention. Let Ocular Insight strengthen your customers’ loyalty, and improve your sales through effective queue management.

Impulse Stimulation

One of the benefits obtained from proper queue management is the increase in impulse opportunity. Areas around the queue can provide opportunity for impulse purchases. The ideal queue length for this is 2 persons. Long queues frustrate, and no queue (1 person) does not provide the quality opportunity for an impulse purchase.

Ocular can help find and maintain your optimal queue length.